Our Superstar Ingredients

Blue Tansy Oil – promotes a clear complexion. This is due to the main component of Blue Tansy called Sabinene, which helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles .Even though Blue Tansy is yellow flower the oil extracted from it is blue.

Tulip Oil – has many skin benefits, it boosts collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin looking very dewy. It has skin whitening properties, Tulip helps in giving you flawless, even-tone skin without blemishes. Tulip oil controls production of Sebum which leads to bacterial activity on the skin.

Bakuchi oil – stimulates skin cell turnover, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin tone and texture. It is also an antioxidant, meaning it provides protection from free radicals. It is considered to be the natural replacement of Retinol without irritation.

Helichrysum oil – soothes and reduces inflammation of the skin. It is great for anti – aging, supports collagen and elastin, helps to firm skin, reduces breakouts, reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes.

Lavender oil – gently moisturizes skin and is non-comedogenic for pores. It helps reduce discoloration of skin, including dark spots. This oil helps to treat hyperpigmentation as well and lessens blotchiness and redness.

Strawberry oil – calms and soothes dry and sensitive skin. Acts as a mild sunscreen protects skin from harmful UV rays and improves complexion.

Acmella Oleracea – when it comes to appearance, the Acmella Oleracea plant is small and tender. It can grow from around 12 to 15 inches spreading up to around 2 feet wide. Traditionally, the Acmella Oleracea was known as the toothache plant, and it was used to treat toothaches due to its analgesic effects.  The quest for bright, youthful, and smooth skin seems never-ending. Each week, there are new serums and creams introduced to the market with the promise of delivering beautiful skin.  Our Acmella Oleracea extract is made from the leaves and flower buds of the Acmella Oleracea plant.  When applied topically, the extract of the plant mimics Botox treatment by visibly softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother and more even complexion.

Prickly Pear oil - On top of the many anti-aging benefits, prickly pear is very moisturizing and supports the skin barrier. Unlike other oils, prickly pear oil is silky, non-stick, and absorbed quickly by your skin. It brightens skin and can help fade dark spots.

Prickly Pear contains Vitamin K, which contributes to skin elasticity, and helps brighten under-eye circles. Say “bye-bye bags and hello glow!”. The impressive amount of Vitamin K in Prickly pear helps flush pigment from the skin and constricts blood vessels. This oil is non-comedogenic, so it will not clog your pores.